EH Practical Horsemanship


Natural training techniques that will help your horse to be willing, confident, trusting, and flexible. 

Build a relationship of trust and mutual respect by connecting with the spirit of the horse.

About Us

As a trainer, Elsabe uses natural, gentle communication training horses to move off pressure. Elsabe takes time with each horse as an individual building a relationship of trust and mutual respect. This means helping the horse to be confident, trusting, flexible and willing to do what is expected. By giving each horse a strong foundation, they are prepared for life, whether it is as a performance horse, ranch/cow horse, trail horse or family horse. Elsabe is a firm believer that the horse is always right. She does not believe in punishing a horse, rather, she uses the simple principal of making the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult.


Colt Starting, Tune ups, Putting miles on broke horses, Riding lessons

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 "A twitch of an ear, the curl of a lip, a tightness around the eye, tension through the body...these expressions are the "words" the horse uses to communicate. If you want to be able to understand your horse and communicate with him make sure you understand HIS language"